I have exposed cartilage inside my nostril - the ENT doctor also confirmed it. Is it responsible for cellulitis infection?

I have a cellulitis infection in my cheek on that side. I think the bacteria got in where the cartilage is not covered with skin. The gp said this may be possible. There is no sign of this cartilage becoming covered - it seems to be getting worse, I can now see it just by tiliting my head. I'm only 10 wks post op but I do need a revision. Is the exposed cartilage giving me a problem with infection? Do I need an interim procedure to cover the cartilage? I fear I will get more infections

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Exposed cartilage inside the nostril and cellulitis

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If you have had a recent rhinoplasty and have exposed cartilage, it is possible that the exposed cartilage may be contributing to cellulitis of the cheek.  Let your  surgeon know about the exposed cartilage and make an appointment to see your surgeon ASAP.  You may well require antibiotics and possible surgical treatment.  

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