I have two bone like bumps on the top of my nose after Rhinoplasty. When can revision be done? 3 weeks post op

Following many people who have had the same issue, almost all of them have had revision to get rid of the bumps. I had my bridge width was narrowed. would 16 weeks post op be reasonable amount of time for revision? I am leaving the country then. My doctor has said not to use tape or nose massage techniques, no steroid options either. I am a bit disappointed in the after care. I leave the country soon and I do believe my doctor can slightly shave these down.

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Bumps on nose after rhinoplasty

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It is impossible to give a more detailed answer without a photograph.  You are much too early in the healing process to consider any revisional surgery .  Without a photograph, I cannot determine whether this is bony or cartilaginous or soft tissue swelling .  This may  just be normal postoperative swelling .  I would recommend discussing this with your surgeon before you leave the country so that a plan can be formulated and also give you reassurance.

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