I need some serious advice in which position to sleep after multiple sx at once?

I'm having BBL, via fat grafting to my butt, BL w/Implants, TT & full body Liposculpture at once. My Dr says it is safe as long as I am healthy and my hemo level is a 13 & above. My concern is my sleeping position! I having lipo on my hips, waist, arms as well. So, sleeping on my sides seems to be out of the question or will I be ok? My other solution is sleeping in a recovery chair with a hole in the centre where my butt drops to avoid ruining my BB. Any other suggestions would B great? Cheers

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Positions after multiple surgeries

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Definitely it is a challenge, because obviously you can not sleep on your belly. Because of the BBL you can not sit for long periods of time or sleep face up, so in my humble opinion, the side position is perfect, in fetal position, just be sure to use a boopy pillow for the hip area to avoid the discomfort of the area or use the boopy pillow siting in a recliner and change positions every 20 minutes.

While sitting you may use a rolled yoga matt under your thighs to prevent smashing the fat grafted areas.

Hopefully you find this helpful.

Multiple procedures and sleeping position

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It sounds like you are having quite a few procedures at the same time. As for the best position to sleep in, you should ask your surgeon. I tell my patients to get into a comfortable position and avoid staying in just one position too long.

I need some serious advice in which position to sleep after multiple sx at once?

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I would ask your surgeon these questions as your surgeon may have a different opinion. I answer several dozen questions a day from my patients.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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