I don't think I have achieved the right size, what should I do? (Photos)

I have undergone breast reduction, the left side is the after picture. My surgeon promised me an A+ cup but this is definitely not. Then he said we agreed on a B cup which was not true. Then he said this is an A-B cup. Any advice on this?

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Possible revision necessary

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There are limitations to the size that you can get to.  First this is very early.   Second, if you want to go smaller you may need another operation in 6 months.

I don't think I have achieved the right size, what should I do?

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I am sorry to hear about your  your concerns after breast reduction surgery. My best suggestion: patience.  Evaluate the outcome of the procedure performed six months (or later)post op. At that point, make this evaluation based on overall size/shape, not on specific cup sizes, which can vary greatly from one bra manufacturer to another.
 If, in the longer term, you remain concerned about breast size, discuss these concerns with your plastic surgeon; additional reduction is certainly possible.  If this becomes necessary, make sure that you communicate your goals carefully, again avoiding the use of cup sizes as a reference point. Goal photographs are very helpful in this regard, in our practice.
 Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with long-term.

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