I am 37 and my eyelids have dropped a lot in the last few years, they have always had a little bit of a drop? (Photos)

Droppy eyelids. I am 37 and My eyelids have dropped a lot in the last few years, they have always had a little bit of a drop but have gotten worse quite quickly. Would upper eyelid surgery work for me. Kind regards Louise

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Upper blepharoplasty

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You may consider upper eyelids skin-muscle partial removal under local anesthetic; very direct and recommended procedure.

Spain Plastic Surgeon

Upper eyelid surgery

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Upper eyelid surgery is very popular and give very good results whilst still looking natural. An Upper blepharoplasty can be performed under a local anaesthetic and either removable or absorbable stitches can be used. A very thin layer of excess skin will be removed and then the eyelid will be stitched back together. There will be some slight swelling and bruising but I encourage my patients to soak cotton pads with witch hazel, place in the fridge and then rest on top of closed eyes as much as possible. This not only helps the swelling, it also feels extremely soothing making recovery a lot more pleasant. I wish you luck in the future. Please remember to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon who is board certified.

Eyelid surgery can give a more alert, youthful appearance

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Hi Louise, thanks for your question and photos.  Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) removes and tightens excess eyelid skin for a more alert, youthful appearance. The drooping of the upper eyelid, if present since birth, happens when the edge of the upper eyelid falls from its normal position. In most cases, a drooping upper eyelid results from aging of previously normal structures. Typically, the tendon of the muscle responsible for lifting the eyelid stretches and the eyelid falls. Surgical correction of a drooping upper eyelid involves repairing the stretched tendon.  According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, patients your age (35-50 years of age) make up the second most likely group to have this  procedure done [51-64 is the first most likely group].  So you would be an ideal candidate for this procedure.  A consultation with a board certified surgeon will help you decide on having the eyelid surgery.

Jan Zemplenyi, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Aging Eyelids

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You are an excellent candidate for a combination of upper lid blepharoplasty and Ptosis Repair.  The blepharopalsty will get rid of the hanging skin and the ptosis repair will open the eyes up so they are not hanging so low over your pupil.  I would suggest a full examination by an oculoplastic surgeon.

Jessica Lattman, MD
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Dropped eyelids

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Thank you for sharing your question. You have a combination of ptosis (droopy eyelids) and dermatochalasis (extra skin). Both problems can be corrected with surgery. See an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon for comprehensive evaluation and discussion of treatment options.  Good luck,

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