Help, so upset after cast removal at 15 days. Should cartilage in my tip be visible? (Photo)

Cast removed 5hr ago after open rhino. I horrified to see 3 distinct points or bumps of cartilage sticking out from under my skin. On on the very tip and one either side of tip. I also have other concerns: piggy and flat. Should I be concerned about these bossae so early on. I know full results take time but can these points improve? I have real concerns with the surgeon as I have seen many bad reviews. This was very aggressive surgery and not what I asked for

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Early results after rhinoplasty surgery

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Recovery after rhinoplasty will vary based on the person, characteristics of the nasal tissues and what was done during surgery.

Around 7-10 days after surgery, the nose will still be swollen but many changes in shape are still obvious. Even with the swelling, you should be able to see the overall shape and structure. Some patients with thin skin may notice irregularities in contour in the tip but it is far too early at this point to draw any conclusions as to what the final result will be.

Around the 2 week mark, it is very difficult for someone else to tell that you had surgery, although the nose is still swollen and it will be obvious to you. Around the 4-6 week mark, most patients are able to appreciate most of the changes from surgery as a significant amount of swelling has resolved. However, it can take somewhere in and around 12-18 months to see the final results. The areas with thicker skin in the nose such as the tip, alar rims and radix may require longer to settle.

Many subtle irregularities and asymmetries that concern patients early on in their recovery tend to resolve over time. It is best that you discuss your concerns with your surgeon during your follow-up visit and also allow time for your nose to heal.

Help, so upset after cast removal at 15 days. Should cartilage in my tip be visible?

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Have you compared you before to present appearance as seen in your posted photos??? Seriously the result appears excellent....and at only 15 days post op. Full healing takes months. 

Rhinoplasty - Help, so upset after cast removal at 15 days. Should cartilage in my tip be visible? (Photo)

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After a rhinoplasty it can take several months for the swelling to subside and you may not realize the final shape of your nose for up to 12 months. It is too soon in your convalescence to determine the final shape of your nose. I recommend that you discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon at your next follow up visit.

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