Explant Due to Infected Breast Seroma 2 Weeks Post Surgery?

I developed a large seroma, I removed implants 2 weeks ago as Doctors deemed it necessary - nothing was shifting infection. I am now left with smaller, mishapen boobs than before and am considering surgery once everything has calmed down - my left boob was fine, the problem was the right, I elected to get both removed though. What are the chances of infection again once you have had quite a severe seroma and infection like this? Can I be prone to this now it has happened before ??

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Infection of implants and then revision

It sounds like you were treated correctly by removing the implants. Usually when the infection is treated properly and things have healed and settled down, you have a low risk of having another infection.

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Repeat Breast Augmentation after removal of Breast Implant for Infection?

Sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced. Your plastic surgeon will be the best resource when it comes to estimating the risks of a recurrence  infection after repeated surgeries. The specific bacteria culture (if any) may give an indication as to the source of an action (and its virulence)

 Generally speaking,  the majority of patients who  undergo repeat breast augmentation surgery after removal of breast implants,  do so successfully.

 I hope this helps.

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Breast Implant Removal due to Infection

Sorry to hear that you had to have your breast implants removed. A deep infection around the breast implants is sometimes impossible to clear without breast implant removal. To minimize the risk of a recurrent infection with replacement of the implants, you want to be certain that the current infection is completely cleared.

The best results are seen when the replacement is delayed until your breast have recovered. This allows the inflamation from the infection to clear, the breasts to soften and the best possible cosmetic result. It also allows time to investigate. Most the time the infection is a random occurence, but you want to be certain there is no underlying preventable cause. Breast implant infections occur in 1-2% of all cases.  While you may be at a slightly higher risk for infection, the odds are overwhelmingly in your favour of this not happening again.

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Explantation of Implants after Infection

   Following explantation and appropriate antibiotic coverage, new implants can be placed after 3 months.  There may be a slightly increased risk of recurrent infection.

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Explant Due to Infected Breast Seroma

Always sorry to hear stories like this. Removal was the only correct thing to do. Once the incisions are completely healed, a minimum of three months must pass before considering replacement. Your risk of second infection is higher than for someone who never had such an issue, but still low. Hopefully someone identified the bacteria that caused this so that antibiotics directed toward this organism would be used at the time of your next surgery.

Thanks for your question, and best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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