Is there any way I can enlarge my breasts without surgery?

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Is there any way I can enlarge my breasts without surgery?

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Thank you for your question.  Aside from weight gain and pregnancy, the most predictable way to increase breast size is with breast augmentation with implants.  Breast fat transfer can also be considered for modest increases.

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Enlarge Breasts

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If your breasts change in size with weight gain, that would be an alternative.  Otherwise, the most accepted method is breast augmentation.  There is a device called "The Brava" which can slightly increase breast size but it takes a significant amount of time.  Fat injections can be combined with this to get a larger result.  However, that too is surgery.

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Enlarge Breast without surgery

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Thank you for your question.No supplements or medications will reliably or safely enlarge breasts without significant side effects.  Pregnancy and weight gain are the natural way that breast tissue can enlarge.  A non invasive way of enlarging breast tissue in a very modest way is external tissue expansion.  This is somewhat controversial if any enlargement is permanent or temporary but the technology is available.  The surgical options are breast implants or fat grafting to the breasts.Best Dr. L

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Breast Enlargement

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Aside from weight gain and pregnancy, surgery remains the reliable, safe way to enlarge breasts. Pills and formulas have not been proven safe or effective. Fat grafting to the breasts and breast augmentation with implants are two methods that you could speak to a board certified Plastic Surgeon about. I recommend that you book a consultation to learn about your options.
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