Aged 19 and living in the UK. I have stage 3 of breast ptosis. Would I be able to get help on the NHS? (Photo)

Hi. I am aged 19 & in the UK. I have stage 3 of breast ptosis & I also have inverted nipples unless they are erected. Its getting me down, effecting my relationship and life as I have no confidence in myself, I can't get changed in front of partner or take my bra off even with a top on. I was wondering if I would be able to get help on the NHS with this? I don't want implants as I want to keep them looking and feeling as natural as possible.They also flatten when I lay down? Thank you in advance

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Breast ptosis treatment on the NHS

To have treatment on the NHS you would need to secure funding. Your GP can make an application for funding on the basis of this being an exceptional indication. Obviously cosmetic surgery for ptotic breasts is not generally available on the NHS.I notice that your breasts are asymmetrical with the left being significantly larger than the right. It may be worth exploring this as an indication for surgery as this is more obviously exceptional than the ptosis on its own. Your GP would need to stress the psychological distress you are experiencing and the likelihood that surgery would be helpful in this regard.You may find that the funding committee will want photographs to support your application.In brief it is possible but difficult to get this surgery on the NHS. I think the asymmetry is the stronger basis on which to apply.Best wishes and good luck.

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