Which would you recommend; Emax, veneers, or crowns? (photos)

I am looking into getting a smile makeover. I've done quote a lot of research into different types of veneers and really love the sound of the emax brand. The dentist has recommended that I have emax full veneers/crowns fitted to get the desired look. They have also suggested I have a root canal on my bottom tooth incase of future sensitivity as that tooth will need a lot of work to get it straight. The dentist recommended 8 emax crowns on top and 6 on the bottom. Would like 2nd opinion please.

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Veneers on top and bottom ... #DrSarahThompson #STL

I would recommend 8 veneers on the top, but since they are anterior teeth, I would likely recommend empress veneers.  Empress are about 50% more expensive than emax, but they are much more cosmetic on the front teeth.  As for the bottom arch, you look like you'll need more like 8-10.  I know that you may not want to hear that, but if you are wanting to change your shade to very white, you would need 8-10 veneers on the bottom.  In the case that you are not trying to change your tooth shade, then you can get away with doing only 6 on the bottom.

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You should consider ortho tx as an option

It's hard to tell just by looking at pictures, but you seem to have great teeth with little caries.  However, I do see crowding especially on your lower.  In my opinion, doing a total of 14 crowns is overdoing it and might not even solve your problem.  I would suggest that you first get your teeth aligned and then if necessary, do crowns/veneers on teeth that you don't like their aesthetic.    The ortho tx might actually save you money compared to doing a root canal and 14 crowns. In addition, ortho tx will allow you to save tooth structure.  When you do any type of crowns (emax, zirconia, gold, PFM), you will take away tooth structure (ie damage your tooth).  In general, you want to conserve as much tooth structure as possible.   You should get a 2nd and even a 3rd opinion from local dentists or a orthodontist.

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I would not recommend veneers or crowns

Unless you have your heart set on spending more money than would be necessary on your smile makeover, I would highly suggest you consider orthodontics and KOR teeth whitening.  You may have already ruled out ortho based on the time it would take, inconvenience, and or stigma attached to adults wearing braces.  However, if you have not, I would definitely consider it.  I personally have 6 veneers and crowns made of empress on my teeth.  Due to an accident years ago, I lost a significant amount of tooth structure which had to be replaced.  I am very happy with the results they provided, but I would be happier if I never needed them at all. Removing tooth structure will always increase your risk for potential problem or replacement in the future. In your case it appears as though you have no fillings or restorations in the front teeth.  The teeth appear to be in golden proportion to eachother.  I do not see any erosion or other biological problem in the photos.  Your buccal corridor is somewhat narrow, but that could be improved with ortho, and will not be significantly improved with only 8 veneers on the top.  Emax is a fantastic material and I use it on almost every veneer case I do.  But, I think you could get spectacular results with a much less invasive approach.
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Why grind your teeth?

Your teeth appear to look healthy.  Why would you want to grind down perfectly good teeth? If I were you I would get orthodontics (braces or invisalign) done and have them straightened.  Its cheaper than doing a bunch of crowns and it is healthier for the teeth.  Once they are straight you can decide whether to change anything.

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