Have I Got Double Bubble or Am I Just Settling? (photo)

3 months (14 weeks) post-op. At last aftercare app I said I was concerned about the bit of dimpling/sag but he waived it off as normal. It fits description of DB. It is not visible from the outside side view. Just from the inside (looking from the cleavage). It is more prominent on left breast than right. Can't see any DB from the front. I wanted 275cc, surgeon said I could pull off 325cc. On his 'yes' I went for 325cc overs. Will it fix itself? I like to run. What about impact and weight loss?

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Modest contour issue on the bottom of the breast may or may not be double bubble.

Photograph demonstrates a modest contour issue. This may improve with further convalescence. It does not look as though the breast implant is too low.

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Have I Got Double Bubble

I don't see anything on these photos that I would call a double bubble. Neither photo is adequate to make any comment. If you look to the right of your screen you will probably see views of before and after photos showing the entirety of the breasts, taken with arms at sides. Side views show show the breast and the back, shoulders to mid-abdomen. Please consider reposting with photos from before  surgery and now if possible. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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