Dark pigmentation around eyes and has gotten worse as I have gotten older. Is under eye filler useless? (Photo)

What can be done to lighten the eye area to match the rest of my skin? I have what appears to be hollowness and shadows as well as dark pigmentation around eyes which i have always had but it has gotten darker with age. Can fillers benefit me at all? I am not expecting perfection but improvement.

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Lower yelled pigmentation

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This is a very interesting question. Ultimately, the cause of dark circles is varied and depends on a lot of factors. The treatment will depend on the cause, and I cannot comment on that without examining you. I would say that fillers will be of no help with the colour, although the shadow effect can be improved if there re tear troughs or associate hollowing. 

Other options might include blepharoplasty,  PRP injections, or fat transfer, depending on the examination findings.

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