Do I need a chin reduction/nose job? (photos)

Lately I have been really considering plastic surgery on my nose and chin, I would like my nose to be smaller and my chin also, however I've been told by people I would completely ruin my looks. I visited a family friend plastic surgeon who told me and I quote 'I really do not think you need any surgery' however I feel as he's close to my family he could just be being nice..I'm so self conscious about my nose and chin.

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Rhinoplasty and mentoplasty

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Hi,Thank you for posting your question and photos. The appearance of the nose and the chin run hand in hand. Any time one considers a rhinoplasty, the chin must be assessed to make sure it is in balance with the nose and the rest of the face. It's hard to tell what your nose and your chin look like from the photos you posted but whether you need a significant change or minor refinement, you should not have a 'ruined' look. You need to see an objective surgeon who will examine your nose and chin in all angle and give you a recommendation. hope that helps. Dr. Jeffrey Jumaily

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