Breast implants making people sick?

I have recently decided to have a breast augmentation but seen a story recently that a lady had hers removed as they was making her ill, upon researching this on this site I have discovered a lot more ladies saying the same thing! My surgeon never mentioned this as one of the problems that might arise after having implants in my consultation? I'm now having doubts and would like to be set straight about it please. many thanks

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Are breast implants safe?

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Hello leastar. Most breast implants are made of medical grade silicon and they are safe. Recently we are seeking the disease what is called BI-ALCL. It is a very rare disease (some kind of lymphoma)  associated with breast implants and if diagnosed early completely curable. If a breast implant patient has liquid collection around the implants late after the operation this condition might be considering. However implants have some non life threatening troubles like capsular contraction malposition and exposure. Overall decision implants are still the easiest way to enlarge breasts. You should also know that if you have enough fat it is possible to enlarge your breasts with fat injection and results are excellent. Regards.

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