Becker Implants For My Frame? (photo)

Hi, I am a 5"6 9.3 stone female with 360cc silicone implants that I had put in 14 months ago.iwanted to go to about 580cc as I still feel my breasts look small for my shape.My ps said he could not fit more than 450cc (nipple incision) and recommended the Becker implants filled to 630cc then decreased after op. could u tell me a little more about them, is this procedure a lot more painful? Will the results look like round silicone implants?all info I have found is on reconstructive surgery thanku

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Becker Implants for Breast Augmentation

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Becker implants are actually not available in the US, except for patients that already have them in place.  They are a combination of both saline and silicone.  The advantage is that the smaller silicone volume could still be placed through a periareolar (nipple) incision and the saline subsequently added.  The pain should be no different, but the devices come with different percentages of saline and silicone.  The more the saline component, they less they will feel and have the look of silicone. 

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