Attachments All Fallen off?

Yesterday I had my attachments put on. I had 11 attachments put on in total. In the dentists office one came off and she said she would re-do in two weeks time at my next appointment. Since yesterday another nine have come off leaving me with 1 out of 11. My dentist told me it is common for them to fall off. I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this happen and if it is actually that common? Surely if they are supposed to last one year they shouldn't have come off after one day.

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Invisalign Attachments

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If you just had the attachments placed and then the following day all but one had fallen off, I would strongly recommend scheduling and emergency appointment for them to be replaced. If you had just lost one attachment, it could wait until the next visit, but attachments are prescribed for a reason, and without them your treatment will not come out as shown on your ClinCheck.

New York Orthodontist

Not common

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It is unusual to see 10 out of 11 attachments come off.  Occasionaly one or two, but never 10.  Something must have contaminated the bonding (usually saliva) to have so many fall off.  I'd return to your dentist sooner then later because your invisalign will not work like it's supposed to with so many attachments gone.

Bradley Matthew, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Attachments All Fell Off

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Invisalign attachments are meant to stay on your teeth for many months. Sometimes, 1 or 2 might fall off. Very unusual for them all to have fallen off so quickly. Perhaps there is a problem with the dentist's bonding technique.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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