How can I reduce the puckering and redness of my arm lift scar had the procedure 12 weeks ago?

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Recovery and Healing after Arm Lift in Melbourne, Florida

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Unfortunately, no surgeon can control or speed up any patient’s healing after surgery. Some degree of redness and irregularity of the scar is expected after an arm lift and it may take 12 to 18 months for things to fully heal and the scars to soften as much as they are going to. I would discuss this with your board-certified plastic surgeon as to potential advice regarding scar massage, which I have found benefits my Melbourne, Florida, arm lift patients particularly after things are well healed. I hope this information is helpful to you. Best of luck!

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Reduce swelling and redness of arm lift scar

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Thank you for your question!
Much healing is done by the 3 month milestone, although some patients do experience swelling for another 3-6 months and it is understood that full healing wont be over until past the one year mark. You are expected to still have some puckering at this point, common relief therapy includes firmly massaging lotion onto the area 3x a day for about 15 minutes or using a vibrating massager to soften the swelling area. Wearing a compression arm sleeve may help if swelling gets worse. Make sure in your daily life you are not participating in activities that could have negative side affects on your healing such as long hot tub sessions. 
Best wishes. 

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