Can you advise does my right breast look like it's incapsulated? (photos)

The shape has changed and I'm getting right side high back pain and under nipples very tender

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Breast that looks incapsulated

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Thanks for your photo and question.  The symptoms that you are describing could, in fact, be signs of a capsular contracture.  Time to follow-up with your plastic surgeon.  Best regards.

About Capsular Contracture

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#Capsular #Contraction is the scar tissue that forms around the implant is a natural response to a foreign object implanted in the body. The capsule can tighten and squeeze the implant making it firm. This is referred to as capsular contracture. This #firmness (breast capsule) can range from slight to very hard. The firmest ones can cause varying degrees of discomfort or pain. Capsular contracture can occur in one breast or both.

Those experiencing this are candidates for Breast #Revision Surgery. An implant revision or exchange intends to replace the damaged #implants with new silicone or saline filled implants with newer technology. Secondary breast surgery can be #complex and needs to be done by an experienced plastic surgeon. The specific procedure to be performed will depend on the complications experienced and the condition of the implants.

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Can you advise does my right breast look like it's incapsulated?

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Could be since it is to get seen by your operating surgeon so he or she can properly examine and evaluate in person and recommend the best treatment options for you!

Breast capsular contracture

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Hello and thanks for your question

  It is difficult to make an exact diagnosis of capsular contracture without a physical  examination. Contracture is usually associated with an increased firmness or "hardness" of the involved breast. This usually does not involve pain or discomfort, but can with more severe contracture. Often the implant will sit a bit higher than the uninvolved side, evidenced by more superior fullness. This may create the impression of a lower appearing nipple and/ or a more sagging appearance of the lower breast contour, which your photo appears to suggest. Hope this is helpful and best wishes.

David A. Bottger, MD
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Breast Discomfort

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If you have new discomfort or concerning breast changes, nothing substitutes and in-person exam with your Plastic Surgeon to determine the cause.

All the best

Can you advise does my right breast look like it's incapsulated?

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If the implant feels hard, does not move and is painful thin it is very likely that you have a capsular contracture around that breast implant.  Please see our surgeon for an examination.

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