Would like advice on how to make my nose more feminine. (photos)

I dislike my nose. It is over projected and the upper lip seems to be attached at a very obtuse angle to the nose. I would like a more feminine shape and appearance as I feel it gives a harsh look.

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Desiring more feminine nasal appearance

Hello Eponinefantine and thank you for your question. I agree your nose may benefit from de-projection of the tip. Commonly with overprojection, there can be distortion of the upper lip, which is known as the "tension nose" deformity. This tends to correct itself with correction of the nose. You would also likely benefit from subtle reshaping of the dorsum and nostrils. Best of luck!

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The things you desire should be fairly easily achievable with a rhinoplasty. Creating a more feminine nose is a common rhinoplasty goal and you look to be a good candidate. Essentially, your bone and cartilage would be reshaped to create a smaller, more feminine profile and look. I recommend getting a consult with a nearby plastic surgeon that has experience with rhinoplasty. 

Best wishes in your journey,

Dr. Blagg

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Would like advice on how to make my nose more feminine

You have a male nose on a pretty female face.  Your nose needs to be reshaped for a feminine look. You are correct in your assessment based on your photos.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for an in person evaluation.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Over projected nose

As always an examination in person is necessary to make the right diagnosis and then the right plan.  As you describe the lip is pulled up. This is something like what is called a "tension nose".  One would work to move the tip closer to the face by addressing the septum and ligaments that support the tip.  This would then create more of a dorsal hump and the usual techniques would be used to low the dorsum and narrow/straighten it by re-positioning the nasal bones.  They are crooked and would require precise micro-osteomies in the right sequence.  After all of this one would have to re-support the tip and perhaps "reproject" it a small amount with a graft. This is a difficult nose and seek out an experienced surgeon. Computer imaging would be useful to understand the goals and potential results.

Wayne F. Larrabee, MD
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Feminizing the nose

Thank you for your question and including pictures. In my experience, when patients have a similar patient profile I would correct the dorsal hump, increase rotation and mild narrowing of the nasal tip which produces a more feminine look. I would also correct the plunging tip during smiling. It is essential to visit a facial plastic surgeon to have a consultation as nothing replaces physical examination findings. 

Ahmed Sufyan, MD
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