8 year old cohesive implants, incision under breast, implants above muscle. I'm currently breastfeeding, can I explant? (Photo)

I've never had any known problems with my implants and have never really given them much thought until I started reading a lot about the possible health implications. I'm worried that I'm feeding my baby and there could be toxic material in my milk. My question is can I explant whilst breastfeeding or is it best to wait until I have finished? What possible effects will the explant surgery have on breastfeeding? Will any milk ducts be damaged? It's very important I can breastfeed future children.

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I am not aware of any studies showing toxic material in breast milk after augmentation.  Any time we operate on the breast, we could decrease the chance of future successful breastfeeding.  Since your implants are on top of the muscle, the breast gland would be disrupted when removing them.  If you are able to breastfeed now, I would at least wait until you are done breastfeeding your current child because of how important it is to you.

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