25yo with suspected tubular breasts - can you confirm this and can I correct this without implants? (photos)

My breasts stopped growing from about the age of 14 and have always noticed there is virtually no curve to the side or below the breasts. Can I improve the fullness of my breasts without going down the implant route? I'm happy with the size just not the shape. (34b)

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Tuberous breasts

Yes - you can attempt to correct your tuberous breasts without implants.  This would involve a series of fat grafting surgeries where fat (from somewhere else on your body) is removed and injected into your breasts, along with a lift around the nipple.  While this would correct size and shape issues somewhat, it would not be as powerful as combining it with the addition of an "over the muscle" implant.  Discuss your options with a plastic surgeon in your area.

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Tuberous Breasts

Good Question. From your pictures it does look like you have tuberous breasts. Changing the shape of your breasts will be hard. Not much you can do to help improve fullness without an implant either. A board certified plastic surgeon could do a circle mastopexy on both breasts to help the shape some- but this will not add fullness. Get a few different consultations and see what each surgeon has to say! Good Luck!

Ed Breazeale, Jr., MD
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Tuberous breasts

Thank you for your question.  Yes, you do have mild tuberous breasts, indicated by the breast constriction, wide areolas, underdevelopment of breasts and widely spaced breasts.  Treatment would involve placement of breast implants along with a mastopexy.  Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck!

Zachary Farris, MD, FACS
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Tuberous breasts

Your photos show limited views but do seem to indicate that you have mild tuberous breasts. In the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon should you wish larger breasts a breast augmentation will improve your appearance. Placement of the implants above the muscle (subglandular) is often the desired position selected by plastic surgeons. Finding the best one will be the most important decision to make.


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Tuberous Breasts


Thank you for your question and photos. It would be difficult to achieve much improvement of shape and fullness of the lower pole without at least a small, silicone cohesive implant. Your Plastic surgeon could release constriction in the lower pole but the force of an implant fills out that newly created space.

I recommend that you book an in-person consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals and plan for the best approach with your Plastic Surgeon. Be sure to select a board certified Plastic Surgeon who has experience in this area.

All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Tuberous breast augmentation

You do appear to have a tuberous or constricted component to your breasts which can be easily fixed with breast augmentation.  For a tuberous breast:  periareolar incision,  subglandular placement with parenchymal scoring, lowering of the breast crease to correct anatomic distance.  To help choose the ideal size I would suggest 3D photographic imaging.

John L. Burns Jr., MD
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Correction of tubular or constricted breasts without breast implants.

You have very modest constriction of the base of the breasts. If you think this is worthy of surgical correction it can be addressed by release of the base called a mast automate. This should be enough. If the conical appearance of the areola is also an issue a donut type mastopexy can be added. In my opinion this is probably not worth the resulting scars.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Shape change without augmentation?

It is possible to augment the breasts with autologous fat transfer.  You may get a cup size in volume, perhaps, but you can add to the areas that are lacking volume with this method. You should consult with a  surgeon with experience in augmenting breasts with fat transfer.

Todd C. Case, MD
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