1 Year After Chin Implant Removal I Have Started Getting the Tingling and Tightness Feeling?

I had a small silicone chin implant which was fine for 17 years.I started getting tingling, tightness and numbness. I had it removed and the feelings went. A year later they have suddenly returned - a series of sensations, including the lower lip, feels tight and numb, but when I touch it I can feel the touch ok and its not tight. A sort of sore feeling in my lower lip which comes and goes. The only time it really goes is when I am eating/chewing gum or massaging the area. Can anyone advise?

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Tingling one year after chin implant removal

  I agree that the likely culprit here is a scar in the area of the mental nerve.  Before considering exploratory surgery, I would suggest trying steroid injections to see if this will help the problem resolve.

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1 Year After Chin Implant Removal I Have Started Getting the Tingling and Tightness Feeling?

Dear squarebull.

Thank you for your post.  The mental nerve is the nerve that exits on each side of the chin and gives sensation to the lip and chin area.  This nerve appear to have some constriction. Most likely scar tissue.  You may need an exploration to remove scar tissue and along the nerve. 

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Numbness, tingling and tightness after chin implant

Even though the implant was removed, you may have some scar tissue that is compomising the nerve and surrounding tissues.  See a surgeon for evaluation.  You may require exploration of the area if persistent or progressive.

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