Ugly Circumareolar Scars After Revision of Circumareolar Mastopexy Scars. Can I Repair Them? (photo)

one year ago i had a circumareolar mastopexy and augmentation with 300 cc silicone implants. but 7 d post op the sutures got infected and ruptured and an ugly scar developed. And few month later i developed a contracture. So 1 month ago i underwent abroad a revision surgery whre capsulotomy of the lt breast was done and the scars around the areolas revised. Now my areolas are uneqal, my left breast is still hard and the areola looks like gangrenous. Can i repair and get my areolas eqal again ???

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Left and Right Areolas

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Dear Madam, is  this the pics taken after revision? If I'm correct and  this is your last view after your second operation something is going wrong with your left breast areola. I think you have to wait until this black crust will remove. You lost this part of your areola. To reconstruct this part you have to visit a Plastic Surgeon and he or she will instruct you to do routine dressing changes on daily basis. After 3-4 weeks all the crust will remove and pinkish-redish colored tissue will develop in this wound. Then you will wait with dressing changes until all this area covered with your skin. This can take upto 2-3 months. Only after waiting like 6 months post operatively you can go back to your surgeon and he/she can plan a further surgery to correct it.

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