Do I suffer from Masseter Hypertrophy? Can Botox relax my jaw muscles? (photos)

Left side of my face is a little sunken in as compared to the right. I have been recently told that it is masseter hypertrophy and been recommended botox injections on my right jaw muscles to relax them. I am not sure if I really have this condition or I naturally have less tissue and fat on the left side. Do you recommend botox on the right side, and/or fillers on the left to balance my face or fat/ tissue removal from the right. I am 38 and I do understand I will lose more volume as I age.

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Masseter Hypertrophy ?

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I treat masseter hypertrophy for cosmetic reasons as well as for relief of teeth grinding and subsequent TMJ.  I don't see that you have a significantly enlarged masseter on the right side, but do see your asymmetry where the left side is more slender than the right.  To improve the asymmetry, I would recommend putting filler on your smaller left side/cheek.

Sandy Dermatologic Surgeon

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