Will my Port Wine Stain be removed or will it lighten for sure if I undergo Laser Treatment? How much will it cost? (photo)

I am29 years old. Haven't done treatment all my life. A big portion of the left side of my face is with port wine stain.

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Port Wine Stains and Laser Treatment

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Port wine stains are true congenital malformations of the skin capillaries and other blood vessels and are therefore present at birth which can become thicker with the passage of time (measured in decades rather than years); for this and some other reasons it can be beneficial to treat earlier in life, but not essential. They can have different patterns of blood vessels which are not always easy to assess prior to treatment but the pattern can have an impact on susceptibility to skin laser treatment. I have found that the further away from the centre of the body the harder to treat; so on the hands it is more difficult than for example the upper arm or shoulder etc. 

Fortunately port wine stains on the face are usually able to be successfully treated but I always advise that the final result will be an improvement in  fading of the colour; it is frequently not possible, with the technology available today, to remove the port wine stain completely. For some patients there is a really worthwhile improvement but nearly all patients require more than one treatment and I would say you may need up to 4 or even 6 or more episodes of laser treatment to achieve the best clearance of the port wine stain which may entail a committment of time and so money - I would suggest discussion in  this regard with your laser specialist.

I would say that encouragingly laser technology (and so ability to be able to better clear a port wine stain) improves year on year. Every patient is an individual and may respond differently to the same laser at the same settings and so some experience is necessary to find the optimal settings of the laser parameters for you. 

I hope that is helpful and my best wishes for your treatments ahead!

Cambridge Plastic Surgeon

Facial Birthmark / Port Wine Removal -- Laser, Surgery, May Scar

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Port wine stains and other birthmarks can be removed with surgery and lasers. There may be some scarring. Cost will vary, please see an expert for the best result. Best, Dr. Emer 

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Will port wine stain be removed or lighten with laser treatment?

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As with all cosmetic procedures, including laser treatments of port wine stains, there are no guarantees as to results.  In general, port wine stains do normally respond well to laser treatments and do normally improve.  I would recommend using a pulsed dye laser that is targeted to the red coloring of the birthmark.  In most cases, a series of treatments would be needed to gradually produce improvement.  The cost will vary by physician and the size of the area treated as well as the number of treatments needed.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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