When do Liposculpture results finalize?

I have done a liposculpture surgery three weeks ago , my main concern was my hips .. my doctor worked a lot on my waist line and flanks but didn't remove much from my hips claiming that a women should have some curves .. I can see the waist line getting better but my hips seem still bigger than I had hoped .. I am still swollen and my doctor says we can't judge before 2 months. Is there still a chance my hips will get smaller ?

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When do Liposculpture results finalize?

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Hello dear! Thanks for your post and provided information as well.

It is correct that you need a couple of month to see the results, and in some cases more time, because after a procedure like liposculture the body needs approximately 4 to 6 month to a full recover. So, don't worry so early and be patient, you'll see.

If you have many concerns, i recommend you to have a close communication with your doctor.

Good luck :)

Six to Eight Weeks is About the Max

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You won't be able to see the final results of your liposculpture procedure until the swelling and bruising from your operation has completely subsided.  The time required will depend on a number of variables that vary from person to person.  These will include factors such as skin type, gender, age, skin thickness, area of the body treated, as well as environmental conditions (for example, smokers heal slower).

That said, we collected the clinical data of about 130 of our own patients, and assembled the statistics on the time needed for swelling and bruising to subside.  The numbers indicate that 16 days is the most common case for both swelling and bruising to significantly subside.  That said, a significant number of patients needed up to 45 days.  A graphical presentation of the complete results can be seen on the web (see link below). 

Although it is common to say that it can be up to six months for the final results to be achieved, we have never seen a case requiring that much time.  That said, in our clinic, we do apply some post-operative treatments to accelerate the reduction in swelling.

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