Is there hope for my eye to be cured after having retraction? (Photos)

I had lower eyelid surgery.. 6 weeks ago .. my doctor said it will heal and become normal with message l put tape all the day with several message he said I don't have problem but really I feel it disaster.. I got long vacation from my job and I cancelled my wedding waiting this to be normal I read many articles and I confused... I got appointment with oculap doctor and I am waiting for any hope do you think am worried for nothing as my doctor said

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Lower Lid Retraction

Hi mariamalbuqish, 
Thanks for you question and photos and I'm sorry you've been struggling with post-op issues. Depending on the type of lower lid blepharoplasty performed and whether skin was removed, lower lid retraction can be a possible complication. At just 6 weeks post-operative, it may be too soon to tell whether this lateral lower lid retraction is permanent. I would certainly continue the lower massages. But I think your concern is valid and it's important that you seek a second opinion with an oculoplastic surgeon. 

I hope this helps, good luck to you!

Sandy Oculoplastic Surgeon
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