My right breast is lower than right?

I am around 23 years old and recently (a week ago) i have noticed that my right breast is lower than the left one (wasnt like that before) . In this case what should i do?? ..i dont want them to stay like that. Thanks

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My right breast is lower than right?

See your chosen surgeon for an assessment and to address your concerns. It is impossible to say without any information, photos, or assessment. 

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Right breast lower?

Thanks for sharing your questions. It sounds like you could be developing some sagging in the right breast. Please consider seeing a plastic surgeon for a full evaluation and a treatment plan. In cases where the dropping is very small, one can often times, improve the appearance simply by adding a breast implant - so a breast augmentation. If the drooping is more severe, then a breast lift with or without breast implants can be considered. Best, Dr. ALDO

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One breast is lower than the other one week out from surgery...

this is very normal, it most often means at this point that one side is more swollen OR preoperatively there was existing asymmetry from one side to the other.  Hold off any conclusion until 2-3 months after the procedure.  Usually at this time things are much more stable.  After thousands of breast implants, I can say that only rarely does something need to be addressed and most often after surgery, one looks at their breast almost hourly.  Give your body the chance it needs to recover and communicate any questions with your surgeon.

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My right breast is lower than right?

Thank you for the question but more information is needed to provide you with any type of helpful advice (otherwise online consultants can only speculate and potentially provide you with confusing/Irrelevant advice). You may wish to submit photographs, frontal and side views of your breasts with your arms by your sides, for  meaningful assessment and advice. I look forward to answering your next post.  Best wishes.

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