Had Botox done around my eyes and my entire forehead. Seventeen days later uneven smile.

I cant seem to use the left side of my face and muscles seem weaker. Also I started talking from the right side of my mouth. I feel horrible. Please let me know if I need to go to a neurologist or if it is Botox that is causing this and if yes how long till my smile is back to normal?

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Had Botox done around my eyes and my entire forehead. Seventeen days later uneven smile

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Thank you for your question.  Botox may have been injected or diffused to area outside your crows feet.  Make an appointment with your injector today for an examination.  Best Wishes

Dr Victoria Taraska, MD

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I agree that it is difficult to answer your question with a full history or photos and that you can be reassured if there is any issue related to Botox relaxing a muscle that it should not have targeted, that it will gradually wear off over the next few months without a permanent problem. 
If you find your mouth smile crooked then your injector may have gone too low on your crows feet area with the Botox and relaxed your cheek muscle called zygomaticus and this can give you a crooked mouth smile. But this will go back to normal gradually over 2-4 months. See your injector th review as they need to assess. 

Victoria Taraska, MD
Manitoba Dermatologist

Botox vs stroke

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Without knowing your history or age it could worst case senerio be a stroke in which you need to be evaluated asap by a stroke team. Best case senerio is watered down Botox with movement into other facial nerves or placed inappropriately. The droop will wear off  in 3-6 months if just Botox effect.

Adam Stibich, MD
Hot Springs National Park Dermatologist

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Asymmetric smile

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Since we don't know anything about your medical history and can't evaluate your pictures, we can't really answer this question. I recommend speaking with the doctor that injected your Botox. I'm not sure what a neurologist can do for you. If your smile is asymmetric because of the Botox, it will likely last 3-4 months. There is no reversal. Choose your cosmetic provider carefully.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

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