What to Do with a Typical "Slavic" Appearance?

I mean - wide cheekbones, but rather flat, quite prominent noses, jawline, which is not distinct with relatively small chin, however not receding. The face is maybe not covered with too much fat, but with higher amounts of soft tissue, thus partially being responsible for making the face flat and round, and not enabling the features like jawline, or cheekbones, to be more visible. What would you first recommend in such cases, to deround the face, if there is any option?

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Dissatisfied with ethnic full face appearance.

There are many options when you focus on each anatomic area. However, the overall tone and nature of your inquiry is concerning and indicates a general dissatisfaction with a particular appearance based on an ethnicity or possible body dysmorphia. IF you want a more prominent nose, get an augmentation rhinoplasty. If you are concerned with full cheeks, consider malar reduction, buccall fat extraction, Botox to the masseter muscles,etc. 

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