What Is Considered Typical Muscle Separation?

Just wondering how muscle seperation is typical in a tummy tuck patient who has given birth more than once? Just came from my 6 week check up and finally remembered to ask him how much seperation I had and he said it was 8 cm of seperation. I'm no plastic surgeon of course, so that sounded like a big seperation and makes even more sense that I've been so dang sore since surgery! :)

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Diastasis measurement

Most patients have a diastasis that is perhaps 1 or 2 fingerbreadths wide.  Occasionally, we see a little more.  8 cm would be pretty impressive!

The 8 cm (approx 3 inch) number you heard probably has to do with the placement of the sutures, rather than the actual diastasis.  Some surgeons like to throw in a little extra tightening!


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Typical muscle separation after pregnancy

The muscle separation after pregnancy, a diastasis, is a natural stretch in the fascia which is the covering of the muscles, and typically the separation is 1 to 4 cm. in width. Your surgeon may have spaced the plication sutures out to 8 cm. It is probably not the true width of the separation.

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It varies from 0 - 10 cm or so


Diastasis varies quite a bit between patients. Then again your surgeon might have been referring to his correction as opposed to the actual spacing. Ask him.


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