What is the Typical Effective V Beam Setting for Treatment of Generalized Flushing?

I am a fair skinned, red haired 43 year old with diffuse redness on my face. A dermatologist I was referred to recommended I have 2-3 treatments of V Beam purpura.  Three weeks later the bruising was severe and left me with brown discolorations. I am reading now that bruising may not be necessary for treatment of generalized redness. With this in mind I will pursue less drastic V Beam treatments in the future but would like to know the laser pulse setting range that is generally used/ recommended for this sort of treatment. This will ensure that I know what I am paying for.

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Bruising with VBeam depends on model type

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The newer VBeam Perfecta results in less bruising, but to be honest with you bruising works better.  You do not need to bruise to have an effective treatment, but bruising is a better 'bang for your buck'.  Thus, the results per treatment will be better with bruising than without, but I would never want to cause pigmentary problems after the treatment.  Pretreatment with bleachign creams and ensuring that you are not tan are some ways to protect against the hyperpigmentation.

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