What is the Typical Amount of Time to Wait Before Having a "Touch-up" for Smart Lipo?

I had SmartLipo performed on my abs and flanks about 3 weeks ago. And even though I am technically still in the healing process, I feel about 90% recovered. Based on what I am seeing with the changes in my body post-operatively, I am a bit concerned that I may still have a good amount of fat that wasn't removed the first time. Overall, I had 300cc taken out, which seems very little. And now that a lot of my swelling has gone down, I still have a large roll when I sit down. Advice! Thanks!

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Touch up in a few months

After any liposuction procedure, Slim, Smart, or Vaser, the swelling is significant for several weeks. Even though you feel well, I suspect you still have some edema. In addition, any SAL causes scar tissue to form inside and that scar tissue will need to soften prior to revision. The answer is revision should be at 3-6 months. The good news is that it will likely improve on its own and hopefully revision is not in your future. Good luck!

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