How Many Types of Tip Rotation Are There? And Can Rotation Be Changed when I Have Columella Strut in my Nose?

Hello, I would like to ask if there is more types of tip rotation? Because it seems there are two types of tip rotation. One is rotation only the tip point and second is rotation the whole nasolabial angle. Is my observation right and what is the main difference? I have rib columella strut and my nose seems kinda droppy. So I would like to rotate it. But I dont know what type of rotation I need. My 2nd question is if is it possible to reposition that c.strut to make nose more upturned. Thanks

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Types of Tip Rotation

There are many different ways to increase tip rotation such as removing septal cartilage, suture elevation of the tip cartilages, or in your case changing the columellar strut. If you trust your experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon this is not a decision you should have to make. Select the surgeon, not the technique.

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