Is there a difference between Mentor cohesive gel implants and Naturalle cohesive gel implants?

Before my revision surgery I had Mentor gel implants and they were kinda firm now my current implants are Naturalle gel implants and they are very; very soft!

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Both great brands

Both Mentor and Allergan make excellent products.  They each have their own line with different levels of firmness, but either is going to work well.  Often the soft tissue coverage mitigates any difference between the implants anyways. I think that choosing a surgeon with a good reputation and one you have a strong rapport with is of far greater significance to your result and experience. 

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Differences of implants?

Hi Violet, I agree with the other doc's here; with one caveat: First: You might have had a mild capsular contracture or maybe just a tight pocket. Second: Maybe  the Mentor implant was a textured surface(?),  which leaves a firmer feel, and the Natrelle was a smooth surface. Textured surfaces on implants are designed so that they don't move; they are supposed to adhere to the tissue and should have  a tighter pocket, whereas a smooth implant is designed to move about in the pocket; the surface facilitates this. Maybe the pocket was smaller with the Mentor in the first procedure; even if it was a smooth implant, the tighter pocket might result in a firmer breast. Sometimes, this is desirable.  It is not the gel though, as the other surgeons have discussed.  

David R. Stephens, MD
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Mentor vs. Natrelle Implants

The two brands are essentially the same product. Allergan (sizing) differs from Mentor but the gel is the same. The latest generation in implants is made by Sientra. In my practice, I use mostly Mentor and Sientra but that has more to do my personal preference.

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Mentor vs Allegran


Fortunately in Australia we have had form stable silicone cohesive implants available for years with no moratorium placed on their use. With Allergan and Mentor being the top 2 companies.

They are both fabulous implants because of the long term studies that have been conducted on them. This gives us surgeons the reassurance that the highest quality implants are used.

There are a few differences between the 2 in terms of the cohesiveness of the gel, but very minor. The texturing process is different in both, with the Allergan being salt blasted to give the rough appearance whereas the Mentor CPG is imprinted with a texturing coat. What does this mean to you? Yet again very little, as both have comparable capsular contracture and rupture rates.

Here is a quick summary of the 6 year core studies by both companies:

  • Primary Augmentation Capsular Contracture rate:
    • Mentor CPG: 2.4%
    • Allergan Style 410: 4.6% 
  • Primary Augmentation Rupture Rate:
    • Mentor CPG : 2.1%
    • Allergan Style 410: 2.4%
  • Primary Reconstruction Capsular Contracture rate :
    • Mentor CPG: 10.1%
    • Allergan Style 410: 10.7%
  • Primary Reconstruction Rupture Rate:
    • Mentor CPG: 1.5%
    • Allergan Style 410: 3.0%

Hope this helps, but you can't go wrong choosing either implant.



Pouria Moradi, MBBS, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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Two Implants, Same Gel Manufacturer

According to my rep, the silicone gel inside Mentor and Allergan's round implants is made by the same company in Santa Barbara.  Whether the specifications are the same I cannot tell you, but if you feel their implants side by side you cannot feel any difference. Sientra's silicone gel is made by a different company in Ventura, California and does have different specifications.  It is slightly more cross linked and feels very slightly firmer when  felt side by side with the other two.  I give my patients the choice and some prefer the firmer because it feels "younger". There you have it.  Any significant differences between the three has to do with capsular contractures as explained by my colleagues above.

Lori H. Saltz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Difference in the gel of Allergan vs Mentor

The companies Allergan and Mentor both make cohesive gel silicone implants and the gels are essentially the same. There are differences in the overall size or dimensions as each company's line is distinct. The internal gel, however, is about the same. The difference that you feel in softness is likely related to capsular contracture, rather than the implant itself. 

Asaad H. Samra, MD
New Jersey Plastic Surgeon
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Is there a difference between Mentor cohesive gel implants and Naturelle cohesive gel implants?

    There is not a significant difference between these two types of implants.  Sientra and Allergan have the ability to offer the more form stable implant.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Difference between Mentor And Naturelle Implants

The bottom line is both implants companies make an excellent product.  It's like comparing Coke and Pepsi.  Individuals have their favorite, but in the end they are very similar.  Sientra and Allergan are the only two companies with true form stable cohesive gel implants.  The lay press often refers to them as "gummy bear" implants because of their consistency.  I let patients see, feel and try on the various implants and it can be very instructive.

Brian K. Reedy, MD
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Difference in Silicone Implants and Firmness after Implantation


Presently, both Mentor and Allergan smooth silicone breast implants are essentially the same except for sizing. The gel reportedly comes from the same source. Whether the implants stay feeling soft depends on many factors, including the technique for placement and whether the implants were equivalent. If you had the implants a number of years apart, there may have been enough differences to account for the difference in result.


Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon
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Silicone Breast Implants

Mentor and Allergan have had similar cohesive gel implants for many years.  Another company, Sientra, has had FDA clearance for the next generation of advanced "form-stable" silicone gel which many have called the "gummy bear" implants for over 6 months.  They come in round and anatomic (or "teardrop") shape.  These implants have the least chance of rippling.  Allergan has recently gotten FDA clearance for their version of the anatomic form-stable "gummy bear" implants, but they do not have FDA clearance for their round  "gummy bear" implants.  All these implants come with a lifetime warranty as well as financial compensation if the implants happen to leak in the first 10 years. 

Victor Ferrari, MD, FACS
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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