Different types of chin implants?

I'm interested in getting a chin implant to enhance a weak chin. I also would like my jaw to be enhanced as well, and I was wondering if a chin implant with "wings" that extend towards my jaws would enhance my jawline significantly. Also, do they make square chin implants with wings? I am most interested in a square shaped implant. Thank you (:

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Different types of chin implants

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Chin implants come in many different sizes and shapes to meet a patient’s and surgeon’s wishes, needs, and desires. The implants come in small, medium, large, and extra large and also do come in the more square jawed appearance.  They do have lateral wings on them that give more sidewall definition of the mandible in addition to more chin projection.  The material that is most commonly used is silastic implants and we prefer to use the Implantech brand.  What shape and size implant that is appropriate for you will be determined at your consultation.  The implants are placed through a submental incision and can be done under a local anesthesia.  

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Chin Implant

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Chin implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Surgeons can carve them to further customize the implant for you.  You need a detailed facial evaluation.  Let your surgeon guide you through the implant selection.  Good luck!

Hannah Vargas, MD
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Silicone Chin Implants Are Customized for Best Results

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There are many different types and sizes of chin implants. I prefer to use silicone chin implants, as they can be customized to match an individual's anatomy and create better balance and symmetry in his or her face. This includes creating wings and a squared shape to build up a weak jawline. I hope this helps.

Chin implant options

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The Choice of Surgeon more important than choice of implant is the most important
thing.That being said Goretex, Silicone or Med-por are most commonly used. They come in a number of shapes including extended anatomical {"with wings"}. 

Both conventional implant materials such as silicone, medpor  and gore tex are reasonable choices for chin implant surgery. Most important by far is the skill and expertise of the surgeon and not the material used. That would be the basis I would use to find the best surgeon. See below link for further tips on how to do this.

Different types of chin implants

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Chin implants these days come in multiple different styles and sizes. Discuss with your surgeon specifically what you are trying to achieve so that the proper implant size and style can be selected. During the procedure your surgeon will use sizers to determine the exact size right for you. The pre-made implants can even be adjusted by sculpting in the event you have asymmetries that need to be corrected. There are many implants with "wings" that not only give chin projection but enhance the lateral jawline as well.

Von Graham, MD
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There is a square chin implant with wings.

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Your plastic surgeon needs to analyze your face in detail to pick the right chin implant.  And also we use sterile sizers in your chin before opening the actual implant, because then what the implant actually looks like inside you without any guess work.

So your jaw should be enhanced as well as your chin.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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