Types of bras? I had surgery 1 and half month ago and wondering if ok to wear wired and wired push up bra.

Will this help or will this maybe cause an issue when breast is settling in? I was also concerned with wearing regular bra with no underwire. Will this be bad because not much support? As for sports bra which is pretty tight and tends to compress your breast.. is this ok? I just want to make sure that I wear the right type during recovery for good results. Thanks

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Toronto Breast Augmentation with Implants

It's best to ask your PS about what bras he or she will allow you to use.  It really depends on what was done during your surgery and if the IMF crease was changed.


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Types of bras? I had surgery 1 and half month ago and wondering if ok to wear wired and wired push up bra.

This type of question is best addressed to your plastic surgeon directly. He/she knows exactly what was done  and details such as how the breast implants have “settled” and the degree of sensation you have on the lower poles of the breasts.  Until you have communicated with your plastic surgeon, I would suggest the use of a soft, comfortable bra that does not cause distortion of the breasts in any direction.

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Bras after implants

At this stage, you can wear any type of bra if your implants have settled or dropped and are in good position.  I usually tell patients if they wear under wires, not to wear them too tight where it is putting a lot of pressure on the scar under the breast.  There is not data showing one bra is good or bad following implants.

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Common stuff here, even though I tell every patient about bras I inevitable end up getting emails about it every day. So basically there is no science here at all and I use to only use sports bras and now I like underwire to help stabilize the fold underneath. Basically whatever is comfortable

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