What Type of Treatment for Saline Implants That Are Encapsulated? I Also Have A Few Health Issues.

I went for a mamogram and was told that my implants are encapsulated. They are not painful but both feel hard and have felt that way for some time. I had them put in 15 years ago. I have a number of health issues now that I didn't have before--diabetes (controlled), high blood pressure (controlled) and had to have open heart surgery to correct a congenital defect that has left me taking a blood thinner for life. Question: Will the MD be able to do anything because of my health problems?

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Breast capsules and medical issues

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As for the capsules, if the implants are firm and ucomfortabgle certainly they can be treated. However, you will need to get a full medical work-up, clearance from your doctor, and some kind of arrangement will have to be made regarding your blood thinners if possible.  Best to coordinate care between your hematologist and surgeon.

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Breast capsules and medical problems

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You would need medical clearance prior to breast treatment and be off blood thinners for a period of time.  Only your internist can decide if this is too risky.  If you are not having pain with the breasts, you can do nothing until a latter date when hopefully your medical issues have improved.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Not all capsules need treatment

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Your health issues may indeed limit your choices concerning replacement of your breast implants, and the presence of capsular contracture with firm breasts need not be treated unless you feel it is causing a problem. The saline implant also is safe to let be until the volume is lost from a leak, so if you are comfortable the way things are you can let things be.

Best of luck, peterejohnsonmd.com

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Need to Treat Breast Implants Capsules?

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Based on the information you provided, the is no medical reason to treat the capsules. If you are OK with how they look and feel, then it is fine to leave them alone. 

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Capsular contracture with surgical contraindication

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I would advise you to leave well enough alone unless and until the implants become painful or have other complications. It is wise for diabetic, hypertensive patients status post cardiac surgery to avoid truly elective surgery because of the higher risk of medical complications.

Health issues and breast implant problems

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You have a tough problem because elective surgery in a patient on lifetime blood thinners is not very safe because of the risk of bleeding on the thinners and the risks to your life off the thinners.  Consequently, I would advise you to leave them alone if they are not painful and just have them out if they are.  Doing a capsule removal and implant replacement sounds like too much for you and would be unwise IMO.

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