What Type of Teeth Surgery Do I Need? (photo)

My teeth are too small and my gums over power them. I would like to know the surgery I would need to improve my smile. Also the cost. I live I Connecticut, but am willing to travel to New York (Manhattan). I have pictures of me smiling (when not as much gum is showing) My other pictures where my smile is more real(where the gums show) That tends to happen when I laugh

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Gum surgery

It depends on the length of your face.  I believe you can afford to have some gum surgery to make the teeth appear longer and get rid of the gummy smile.

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Gum Lift Q and A

You may be able to have a simple gum ( just the soft tissue ) laser procedure. X-rays and gum measurements are needed. I would recommend finding an experienced cosmetic dentist. There are many in Manhattan.

Ana Brightleaf, DMD
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