What Surgery is There for Asymmetrical Eyebrow and Droopy Eye?

I'm 28 yr old female from Singapore and currently I'm facing a problem of not knowing which method to correct my asymmetrical eyebrow and eye. It always make me look droopy and not good for pictures too. Should I go for the double eyelid surgery in a hope that they will be symmetrical or is there any better option? Your advices will be much appreciated....Thanks!

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Asymmetry in forehead muscle tone can lead to droopy eyelid

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The picture posted shows a laxity of your frontalis (forehead) muscle that has lowered your eyebrow and created a droop of your right eyelid margin.  This in effect makes your right eye appear smaller.  With this in mind, there are many options for correction of the multiple structures involved.  Please discuss this with your surgeon, in fact, you may want to get several opinions to become knowledgeable and comfortable with whomever you choose to help you with this.

Droopy brow

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You need to see a plastic surgeon to decide whether you have a true lid ptosis or the lid position is due to droopy eye brow.

If it is the droopy eye brow causing the heaviness on the lid then you need a brow lift.

True ptosis require ptosis procedure.

If you want double lid then it can be done at the same time of the ptosis procedure

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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