What Type of Surgery Do I Need to Get on my Eyes?

This is how my eyes look. They are very different from each other. i like how my left eye looks but my right eye looks dead. it is because of the lid. so what type of surgery do i need to get my right eye to look like the left? i don't want surgery on both eyes. i just want my right eye to look like my left eye. and how much do you think this surgery will cost? i am 18 years of age and a girl.

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Type of surgery for droopy eye

Ptosis is a medical condition whereby the upper lid muscle is quite weak and the upper eyelid rolls down like a roller shade across the pupil.  This causes a visual obstruction and is best treated by an oculoplastic surgeon.  Look for someone who has performed thousands of these procedures since there is a fairly high revision rate with this procedure.  Cosmetic blepharoplasty is performed when excess skin of the upper eyelids touches the eyelashes, usually in people in their 50’s and 60’s.  

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Lid lag - lazy eye

Your right upper eyelid lies lower than the left because the muscle that lifts it is stretched, partially torn or weak. The treatment depends on findings at a face to face physical examination. It the muscle's range of motion is good that means it has sufficient strength and only needs to be shortened. Shortening a very weak muscle as you might guess will not accomplish anything.

If this upper lid lag is blocking a significant portion of your visual field its treatment would be covered by your health insurance.

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Ptosis repair

You have eyelid ptosis and need a repair so you don't look so tired.  This is generally done by an ophthalmologist though some plastic surgeons do them also.

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Droopy right upper lid

I think you have a ptotic right upper lid. This condition requires specialized muscle shortening. Y ou need to see someone with experience in ptosis procedures.

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You have upper eyelid ptosis.


Upper eyelid ptosis is a common condition.  There are a number of surgeries to address the issue.  The key is determining precisely the best surgical approach for your condition.  This can only be determined by a personal consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon.  Other types of plastic surgeons are generally not well trained in the eyelid anatomy necessary to successful manage this condition.  If you live in the United States, consider looking at the American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery website (ASOPRS dot org) for their geographic directory to find a well qualified surgeon near your home.  If you live outside the United States, feel free to email me through my website and I will refer you to someone who practices in your home country.

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