What Type of Surgeon Do I Need for Internal Keloids from Scarring Since Having my 3 C -section?

I have had 3 sections, an appendectomy and Tubal ligation. Now I have developed internal jellies that a causing me severe pain on my cesearean scar. I was told at urgent care that I need surgery but not told what type of surgeon that I needed. Is this normal because the pain increases daily?

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Dermatologic or plastic surgeon for keloids

How soon after your surgeries did the thickened scar develop? If it is right after your surgery, or within 6 months to 1 year of it, you may be having what is known as a hypertrophic scar. If your surgery was not done so long ago, and you are having progressive pain at the suture site, it may be possible there is a retained suture. I would suggest you go back to the surgeon who operated on you and have him/her check your scar. If it indeed is a keloid/ hypertrophic scar a dermatologic surgeon, or a plastic surgeon with good experience in treating this condition, would both be fine.

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