What Type of Surgery Do You Think I Should Have to Make My Left Eye and Brow Equal to my Right? (photo)

i'm 19 i think i was born with ptosis at a young age i had sugery(don't know what kind) at the age of 2. then at age 12 i had sugery to rotate my eye hair(i can't think of the name of the hair grow from your eye.) from growing into my eye. they said i would have been blind by age 25 if i didn't have the sugery. well after the sugery i wanted to get my left eye equal to my right eye. and my left eye brow is way lot upper than my right. certain ways i move my head my eyes look equal.

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Congenital ptosis. Perfect symmetry may not be possible

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Certainly, you have residual ptosis and further correction may be beneficial in improving vision and symmetry.  But you were born with an abnormal muscle in one upper lid and it may not be possible, no matter who you see, to achieve perfect symmetry with the other side.  Your goal should be to seek improvement, but please do not expect perfect symmetry.

Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Fixing a drooping brow and eyelid

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Congenital ptosis (droopy eyelid) can be repaired with a few techniques, depending on how much movement your upper eyelid displays when you look up and down.  The brow can also be elevated either through the same eyelid incision or a separate incision.  You need an exam with an oculoplastic surgeon who can first determine what specific procedure is right for you, and then counsel you on what to expect.  The muscle that moves the eyelid did not develop normally and surgery can certainly help, but it doesn't restore the natural action of the muscle.  This means the eyelid may not close completely after a procedure and will appear different than the right when you blink.  A qualified surgeon will counsel you on these issues and help you to manage them.

Matheson A. Harris, MD
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