What Type of Sugery for my Eye? (photo)

I'm definitely looking at double eyelid surgery, however I'm not sure if a parellel crease will be suffice to give me a bigger better eyes, or do I require Epicanthoplasty and outer lateral as well? My concerns are epicanthoplasty and lateral will cause permanent scar, and will it does any major difference? If the results with epi/lateral are subtle, then I'll probably skip it. The first 2 pictures are my eyes, I'm looking to achieve a result something like the 3rd picture.

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Asian double eyelid surgery and or medial | lateral epicanthoplasty

From the pictures you could benefit from double eyelid surgery. Your medial canthal area though looks pretty medialized and I would really need to see more pictures or you in person to see if you could benefit from the medial canthoplasty. lateral canthoplasty does not work well in my opinion and tends to scar down to wear it was before. It is also not the reason asians look more asian as in contrast with caucasians.

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Epicanthoplsty not needed

I think a parallel or tapered crease will be ok. I think you can go without epicanthoplasty and still get a nice result.

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Your concerns are more than justified.

I don't believe that you will ever achieve the look your are seeking in the photo you present.  Your facial structure is just so different.  However a conservative incisional anchor double fold blepharoplasty will help your eyes look bigger.  I don't think the lateral or medial canthal surgery are worth the risks. 

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Asian eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery

based on your anatomy your eyes will not look exactly like the photographs U provided.  However you can have very nice looking symmetric creases and I would recommend incision technique in your case.  

The bone structure around her eyes is actually very different when you compare it to the bone structure around the eyes of the examples U gave.  Again I think you can have a nice natural looking result but you will look exactly like the women in these photographs.

I will provide some information that you may find helpful

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