What Type of Rhinoplasty Procedure Would Duplicate the Results of Wearing a Nasal Corrector? (photo)

I have used one of these nasal correctors sold in South America (see photo). They make the tip of the nose higher, ever-so-slightly longer and the alar base slimmer. . They make my nose look exactly the way I want it to look, even avoids the way my nose loses its shape and unnatractively flares when I smile. The problem is that it's extremely uncomfortable. Is there any surgical procedure that can give me this look permanently? would fillers work?

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It appears that the corrector gives your nose structural support. That should be emulated by placing cartilage grafts and/or cartilage shaping sutures at the time of rhinoplasty. Without photos or a face to face examination it is impossible to be more specific.

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Internal spring-loaded device to modify nasal shape.

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A well planned and executed rhinoplasty will duplicate the effects of the internal device you have shown and achieve your goals.  Fillers will not. 

Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS, FRCSC.

How to change the nasal tip

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From the look of the devise and your description of what it does to your nose, it seems that your goal is to improve tip rotation and projection, and maybe slightly narrow the alar base.  All this is usually accomplished by a standard rhinoplasty.  I don't think fillers would be a good option.  I also don't think that you should continue wearing this corrective devise for much longer since it is uncomfortable and will start damaging your nasal lining sooner or later. If you can put yourself through using this devise on a daily bases, you should be able to undergo rhinoplasty with ease.  And trust me, it will be worth the investment.

Duplicating results of a nasal correcter

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We have no experience with a nasal corrector in the United States since it is probably not FDA approved.  Rhinoplasty is an artistic procedure to sculpt and shape the existing nose to better suit facial features.  The tip can certainly be depressed or lifted depending upon the patient’s needs and desires.  There are many other cartilage grafting techniques that can be done by the rhinoplasty surgeon when needed.

Rhinoplasty Provides The Best Corrections

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Filler may not be your best option if you are trying to consider a multifaceted approach.


Full rhinoplasty is the best approach, especially if you may need cartilage grafts.


However, I cannot provide you with a definitive opinion without photos and physical examination.


So I encourage you to seek a consultation with a board certified surgeon of extensive experience in Rhinoplasty who will guide you to make the best informed decision.

They key is to preserve your natural looks and enhance your facial features by targeting the center of your face - your nose.


Best of luck to you and thank you for your question.

Dr. Sajjadian

Rhinoplasty is the best option for correction of the nasal tip

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Permanent improvement of nasal tip shape is best performed with a surgical rhinoplasty.  Filllers are not an option for the type of improvement you are seeking.  I recommend consulting with your chosen rhinoplasty surgeon to review your photographs and discuss in detail the improvements to be made in your nasal tip appearance.

Mark Beaty, MD
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fillers.....NO.  Reconstruction Rhinoplasty.........Yes.  Nasal tip projection and control of your nasal base are key elements to a successful rhinoplasty result for you!

Breathing and appearance improvement

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Yes, surgery can duplicate the results of the nasal connector you are using by adding more support to the tip and projecting it.  At the same time, alar reduction can be performed if still needed but sounds like you probably won't.  Fillers are not the answer to this problem unfortunately

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