Which Type of Retainer to Fix Top Two Front Teeth - Hawley with Springs or Bloore?

I have had two Orthodontic consultations to find out about moving my top two front teeth that have rotated inward. One Orthodontist said that a Hawley with springs retainer would do it and the other said a Bloore retainer would do it. The quote for the Bloore retainer was much less and she said it was better at rotating the teeth than the Hawley with springs retainer. I have searched the Internet and haven't found much info. comparing the two types. Thanks.

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What Type of Retainer to Straighten Front Teeth?

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Truth be told, NO retainer will straighten teeth. Retainers are made to retain teeth or keep them where they are. However, a Hawley retainer with finger springs will move teeth but offers little control for rotating teeth. My preferences for aligning anterior teeth that require rotations are: Bloore, Essix or Inman appliances. All of these appliances work well with good patient compliance.

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