What type of procedure would I get to fix my nose? Would insurance such as mediCal cover it?

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Medical insurance to fix a nasal problem

 Medical necessity will have to be documented by your physician to submit any type of nasal surgery to insurance. The only type of medical necessity related to nasal surgery would be repair of broken nose causing nasal obstruction, sinus related surgery, a deviated septum, turbinate hypertrophy creating nasal obstruction. Any changes related to the outside of the nose is considered cosmetic and must be paid for by the patient

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What type of procedure would I get to fix my nose? Would insurance such as mediCal cover it?

The answer depends upon the specifics of your insurance and what you mean by "fix." If you refer to fixing your nose as improving your breathing or repairing some sort of traumatic injury then the answer is yes, possibly. If fixing refers to changing the size or shape of the nose then insurance will not cover the procedure. You would do best by seeking a rhinoplasty expert that accepts your insurance, going in for a consult and having the office determine if rhinoplasty is a covered benefit. I hope this information is helpful.

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Rhinoplasty surgery

Dear DaniJ25,

  1. Your answer depends on what the nose looks like and if you have trouble breathing out of your nose
  2. Typically, insurance does not cover cosmetic work and partially covers medically necessary procedures
  3. When you are ready, please see a rhinoplasty specialist who can address all of your concerns

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Medical insurance will not cover cosmetic rhinoplasty.

For the most part health insurance will only cover functional issues with the nose such as difficulty breathing. Coverage for aesthetic problems can seldom be obtained.

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Insurance coverage for functional airway obstruction

Insurance coverage is only available if there is a functional problem and airway obstruction.  Individual insurance company coverage may and will vary.  

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