What Type of Nose Surgery Should I Get? (photo)

Something has always been off about my face. I can't put my finger on it exactly. I'm going to say that it's my nose because it's always been bigger than most people's and it has an odd rounded tip that's wider than the rest of my nose. I turn 15 in October and I've heard that you grow more into your face as you age. Will my face change enough to not need surgery, or will my nose have the same appearance on my face as it does currently? What surgery should I get with in it's current state?

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What Type of Nose Surgery Should I Get?

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 Since you are under 18 years of age, please share thisd answer withe your parents.  Your face, at 15 years old, will certainly change however it will not grow significantly in size and shape but rather the facial fat decreases by early twnties.

 Aesthetically, the nose has a dorsal hump aith an over-projected nasal tip and Columellar show.  The chin is also weak.  A Rhinoplasty to reduce the dorsal hump, thin the tip, reduce the nasal projection and tuck the columella...as well as Chin Augmentation with a Chin Implant.  Girls 15 and older can undergo Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation without issues.  Hope this helps.

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Are you kidding?  You have a natural beauty that will spring forth with a little chin implant and some nasal tip refining rhinoplasty work!

Robert Shumway, MD
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Type of Nasal Surgery

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You are not"Ugly Duckling". As soon as you are physically mature (usually 14-16 years old for a lady) and have your parent's support you can have rhinoplasty surgery to reduce the size of your nose so it is proportional to your surrounding facial features.A chin implant would also help improve facial proportions.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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