What type of neck fat would this be considered? (photos)

I'm very thin, but I have stubborn fat along my jaw and under my chin (I think). Do you think it's more under the jaw or under the chin? Which lipo would I do or is it possible to remove both jaw and chin fat in one surgery?

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Liposuction of the chin can be performed with local anesthesia.

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The pictures are not completely informative but it looks as though the modest amount of fat behind the chin could improve the contour. This can be done with local anesthesia.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Excess fat

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Thank you for your question about your jaw and chin.

  • It is difficult for me to tell from the photo if there is any excess fat to remove.
  • I always advise young women who are thin but have a heavy face or neck to have their thyroid checked with a TSH level - a common cause of 'fat face' in young women is not enough thyroid hormone.
  • Treatment for low thyroid is medication, not surgery. 
  • If your thyroid is normal, see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an opinion. Best wishes.

Neck lipo

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You have such minimal fat that if you expect any significant change from liposuction you are being entirely unrealistic    Your neck and chin are totally normal. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Am I a Candidate For Neck Liposuction

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You have very little fat under the chin, but could be removed with either laser (smartlipo) and/or small cannula liposuction.  You will only get a small result, but Im sure it will look nice if done by an experienced physician.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Submental and Jawline Liposuction

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You have a very small amount of fat in the submental area and along the jawline. That could be treated by small cannula liposuction. Be aware that the change would be small because the initial problem is small.

Type of neck fat

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Thanks for your question. I don't see any excess neck fat. Surgery is not an option. Your neck line looks great.

No surgery indicated

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Thank you for your pictures. You do not need any procedure at this point. You do not have an appreciable amount of fat that could benefit from
liposuction. Please do not go out and seek treatment and spend time and money on a procedure that is unnecessary.

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS, FACS

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