Doctor Recommends 400cc High Profile Implants - Will That Look Natural on Me?

Im so confused with all the info on the web about cc size/projection. Im 123 lbs/5'3". I was measured by PS to have a 29 inch ribcage,12BWD ?, slight ptosis/total deflated (breastfed 6 babies). I am barely a 34 AA. My ps says he recommends silicone unders hp400cc, On the chart it looks like too big because they are for BWD12.2. I was thinking 350hp or 375hp they both have 11.7BWD with 4.8 projection. I don't want to look "boobalicious" `Im a teacher, which will give me a more natural look?

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Choosing the Right Breast Implant

Breast implants are only man made devices and need to be camouflaged by your own tissues.  The less you have, the more visibility of the implant.  The bigger the implant/volume/cc the more obvious the result.  Thus, a 400 cc implant with AA cup, will likely be quite "implanty" a result.  Is your surgeon, trying to avoid a lift for your "slight ptosis" with a lager implant.  Without a photo, this is impossible to determine, but a smaller implant and a peri-areolar lift could be a solution by placing a smaller implant and tightening the skin.  The small millimeter differences in base width are usually not a big deal and this measurement is not exact.

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Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

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400 cc breast implants sound way too big for you.


1)  Based on your goals and your anatomy as you describe it, my guess would be about 300 cc's.

2)  But this is just an educated guess.  To eliminate guess work, we use sterile, disposable breast implant SIZERS during surgery to actually see what size and profile gives you the look you want.  Only then do we open the desired permanent breast implants.

3)  The larger issue is that you must have complete confidence in your surgeon's ability to pick the right implants for you, based on your anatomy and on what you want. This is not your job.  This is as important a part of the surgeon's role as doing the surgery well.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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There is not much difference between 375cc-400cc

You should trust your surgeon.  The difference between 350cc and 400c is around the volume in 1 or 2 shot glasses.  In general most people that have breast augmentation who tell me they want the natural look and insist on a certain volume usually don't realize that what they really want is to have full breasts up top, which is not the natural look.  The natural breast is never full up top unless there is a pushup bra or implant involved.  In general most people are much happier when they error on the side of going bigger.  That being said there is not that much difference between 350cc and 400cc.  

Dev Wali, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Natural is the cover of National Geographic

My guess is that you really don't want natural beacus that is what you currently have. You probably want something that does not produce excessive upper fullnes and therefore I would go with the lower profile so stay away form HP and choose LP

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Implants and size

The implants you mention are a decent size implant. Many in that range about 50-100 cc on either end will not make a huge difference. It is all about breast width and desired projection.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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400cc implants too large for your size

You state that you barely have any breast tissue ("total deflated'), breastfed 6 children and you were recommended 400cc implants. Without the benefit of a photo, I dare say that your breast tissue and skin will not support a 400cc implant. Based on your breast base diameter you would need an implant that is 10-11cm in diameter. I would suggest a high profile implant due to the lax skin envelope. In my office I have the patient try on sizers to give her an idea what a 300 or 400cc implant is or can accomplish. Remember, the larger the implant the heavier it is and the earlier you will experience sagging. Work with a board certified plastic surgeon to arrive at the best choice for you.

George Marosan, MD
Bellevue Plastic Surgeon
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Implant profile type depends on desired size and base diameter measurement

The first thing to do in selcting a breast implant is to dtermine the desired volume, or size of the implant. There are different schools of thought on this but I believe the best way is to have the patient try on samples in a bra with the desired cup size. Since the implants will conform to the shape of the bra, it doesn't matter what profile type at this point, it is only for deciding on size. Once that is known, the profile type is selected based on the match to your existing base diameter. In general, high profiles are not the most natural look because they are designed to maximize volume on a narrow base.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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